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In addition to having the military trained canines, all of our guards are Military Grade quality with more than a combined of 50 years of experience of work with canines making K9 Security the most highly qualified security teams available.


Airport security has become increasingly more important and increasingly more difficult. Surveillance K9 Security has the solution to ensure safety at the airport with top quality guards and K9 dogs.

Our dogs are trained in searching opened car lots, vehicles, cargo, and personnel for the detection of intruders anywhere. Our dogs are specialized to detect any intruders hidden between vehicles and trucks that are commonly found at airports.


Securing a building has become increasingly popular and is a necessity to ensure safety and Surveillance K9 Security offers services that no other security company can offer. With military/police grade training, our canines can search through any dark buildings for intruders.
We guarantee not only full protection of the building but also bring professionalism by being able to discreetly and appropriately address any issues that may come forth.


A wide opened space requires the highest quality of security as anything can happen in an environment such as a harbor. That is why Surveillance K9 Security is the solution to ensure the harbor’s security. Our dogs are trained to search acres of opened land to detect any contraband and will perform the appropriate actions for any issues. Trained in 3 different languages, English, Dutch, and German, our canines are able to detect any wrongdoing that may occur at the harbor.

Car Lots:

One of the most common locations for car break-ins is any car lot. For any company owner, a customer’s fear that their car is not safe could potentially ruin a business.
Not only will our security team stop any potential criminals from vandalizing or even worse, stealing a car, but our security team will also ensure that no criminal activity occurs on the premise at all times.
Our security guard will not only guard the entrance of the parking lot, but will perform occasional inspections throughout the lot to ensure that there is no questionable activity. The K9s will also patrol the lot to provide twice the protection you may require.

Construction Sites:

Construction sites are often over looked when it comes to security. After a days work at the construction sites, construction crew workers may often leave their construction vehicles and materials out as there is no other proper way of storing such items. With many of these items exposed, there is a looming threat that once crew workers leave, any one can approach the site.
To prevent potential vandalism, burglaries, and crimes, our K9 team will protect the construction site to ensure no crimes are committed on site. Our K9s are specifically trained to detect any potential intruders and perform the necessary actions to trump any criminal activity.

Shopping Malls:

Shopping malls are one of the most common locations for the public to spend their leisure time. With more people present, there is an increase for potential harm due to any one’s actions. Our K9s and security guards will ensure that the shopping mall is as safe as it can be. Unlike most mall security guards, there will be a military trained K9 that will provide further support for the security guard.
In addition to ensure there is decorum in the mall, our K9s will be able to detect illicit drugs and narcotics. This will ensure that not only is the mall safe but that there is no criminal activity occurring on the premise.