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I am writing this letter of reference for K9security.ca.
K9security.ca and their employees, along with several trained K9 patrol dogs have provided security at our large, twenty-five hectare construction site in Burnaby since October of 2013. During this time, the company has provided overnight security services-including escorted guard dog patrols-during the week, and twenty four hours per day over the weekends.
Prior to K9security.ca undertaking the security contract for our site, there were rampant problems with trespass and theft occurring regularly. Since K9security.ca has taken over the security duties the site has seen a steep decline in incidents of any kind and numerous attempts at theft have been thwarted by K9security.ca’s staff.
I have personally had many opportunities to interact with K9security.ca and their staff as I am the chief point of contact for site issues. Whether calling to inform me of a theft attempt in the late evening or interacting with me during my many off-hour and weekend visits to the site, K9security.ca have been unfailingly courteous, pleasant, and professional. It has been a pleasure to work with them and I feel very comfortable that the site, and all of the associated offices and equipment, is well guarded and secure when they are on duty.
I am pleased to say we would gladly consider K9security.ca to provide any security services we may find ourselves requiring in the future.

Brent George, Project Superintendent
JJM Construction Ltd.


We have employed the services of K9 Surveillance at a demolition site of ours in Burnaby BC since Oct 2013 to date. This is a very large site covering approximately 68 acres with several structures on it. Prior to our project starting the site had been targeted by a group that was removing large amounts of non ferrous metals. There was another security firm on site prior to K9 that were not able to curb this activity, primarily because of the size of the site and the organization of the group taking the metals. K9security.ca were able to stop this activity within a short period of time and have managed to keep it in check to date. It has been our experience that K9 Surveillance is a professional company that has been easy to work with and that is willing to go the extra mile to protect our site. I am happy to provide this recommendation.

Dan Fraser, Superintendent
Clearview Grinding Ltd.